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What Are The Tips For Lubrication And Debugging Of Printing Rollers?

- Dec 23, 2018 -

Those who have been working on print for a long time understand the importance of printing rollers. Because it communicates directly with the plate and is inextricably linked to the quality of the product, no matter which printer you use, you are faced with the trick of how to lubricate and debug.

First, debugging

   The pressure between the rubber roller and the rubber roller and the printing plate should be adjusted according to the elasticity and hardness of the rubber and its role in the printing process. Usually, the feeler gauge of 0.15-0.20mm is used (the feeler gauge should be lubricated to avoid damage to the rubber surface) For inspection, it is necessary to evenly contact the radial contact pressure of the rubber roller. Otherwise, the long-term operation will constitute a scene of the rubber roller with a large pressure end, such as pitting, gelation, cracking, and opening of the rubber.

Second, lubrication

Rubber roller heads and bearings should always adhere to useful lubrication. If the lubrication is poor, the wear of the rubber roller shaft and the bearing will increase, and the vacancy will increase, resulting in uneven printing on the printing ink. Also, the printing bar marks may be caused by poor conditions such as the rubber roller jumping and sliding. If there is no useful lubrication for a long time, it will also constitute the bearing and the core heat, which will cause the rubber surface of the rubber roller to expand and wear due to heat, so that the rubber surface of the two rubber heads will be pocked, glued and cracked.

   It only needs to lubricate and debug the rubber roller to make it smoother and more convenient.

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