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Use Of Laminating Machines

- Sep 11, 2018 -

1. Reasonable choice of laminating machine in the selection of laminating machine, the first factor to consider is the size of the laminating machine. To choose a strong compatibility area, while considering the opening, appearance and so on. Use as much as one machine.

After the selection, the manufacturer under the guidance of the installation and commissioning, into the normal production use.

2. After the laminating machine enters the working state self-test, the laminating machine can enter the working state. 

3. Operation procedure: Press the vacuum pump to open the button------Check the process parameters------Check whether the temperature reaches the set value------Check the working status is automatic or manual, To set the automatic state------Check if the vacuum pump is short of oil------put the------cover------Check the vacuum degree------remove the component------Inspection Unit.

In order to ensure that all processes are normal, the laminating machine enters the normal working condition. 

4. Laminating machine shutdown: When the laminating machine shuts down all power is required. To ensure that the operator is not operated by a non-operator, the emergency button can be included in the shutdown range.

Operating procedures are as follows: Vacuum pump close------cover (cover not tight)------heating off------power off------Pressing the emergency button------off the main brake or: Pressing the emergency button------off the general gate. 

5. Laminating machine for a period of time after the use of: Laminating Machine Park for a period of time, to follow the normal program start, do not put the battery board, the first empty machine running two cycles, the adsorption of water vapor inside the machine can be used normally.

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