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The Scope Of Automatic Screen Printing Machine

- Dec 09, 2018 -

The field of screen printing machines is becoming more and more extensive. For example, the advertisements, glass, electronics, signage, CD, textile dyeing and other processes common in life are inseparable from the shadow of screen printing. With the continuous development of technology, the development of IT products and electronic processes has also driven the development of technology in the screen printing industry. With the advancement of technology, screen printing to achieve nano-scale precision silk screen technology is only a matter of time. Among the electronics industry, the most printed of PCBs is screen-printed, and silk-screen technology requires deeper content in electronic product printing. In addition to improving the precision to the micron level, it must also meet the necessary sensing conditions such as the resistance current of electronic products.

Screen printing has the advantages of large batch size, low price, bright color, long shelf life and fast delivery. It is recognized by more and more industries and widely used. In the circuit boards of household appliances, patterns on textiles, T-shirts, cultural shirts, patterns on shoes, refrigerators, televisions, text on washing machine panels, decoration on ceramics, glass, wall tiles; various commercial advertisements , packaging, outdoor, fixed, mobile and other advertising platforms; in the packaging and decoration industry, high-end packaging boxes, packaging bottles, cigarette packets, wine bags, especially the super large outer packaging and product shape decoration.

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