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Structure And Function Of Laminating Machine

- Sep 11, 2018 -

The structure system of the laminating machine consists of four parts: loading and unloading system, heating system, pressure system and protection system.

1. Handling Material System 

Loading and unloading system consists of sealed pressure head, loading frame, oil tank, cylinder, solenoid valve and so on. The main function is: to the gas-liquid device for the conversion of power, will carry the sealing head of the product lifting and lowering. The lifting action of the sealing head is controlled by a manual reversing valve.

The system is stable and vertical, which facilitates the closure and sealing between the sealing head and the sealing container.

2. Heating system 

The heating system consists of a measuring element, a controller and a heater. The function is to heat the water in the container and to control the temperature, heat through the water conduction to the pressure of the capacitor bar to make it evenly heated.

The fin heating becomes soft, both for the compression and to avoid cracking caused by pressure. Heating element is wrapped in a closed container outside the surface of the stainless steel heating plate, electric heating plate after electricity, heat conduction to the water inside the container so that it heats up. In practice, in order to ensure that the water temperature can meet the process requirements, usually in the pre-feeding heating, and with a temperature detection instrument to directly measure the water temperature. At work, the container is in the high-pressure airtight state, the water temperature can only be measured and controlled by intelligent digital temperature controller.

Temperature measurement element can not directly measure the temperature of the liquid in the container, can only take indirect measurement, so it is required in the selection and installation of components to reduce the measurement error and control lag.

3. Pressure system 

Pressure system by pressure transmitter, pressure control instrument, booster pump, manual valve, pneumatic valve and other components.

The main function is: Pressure transmitter detects the pressure in the sealed container, the pressure value into the standard signal of 4~20 MA, transmitted to the signal input terminal of the pressure control instrument.

Pressure control instrument is the control core of pressure system, it accepts pressure signal from pressure transmitter, control output according to the received pressure signal size.

Pressure control instrument output signal control a set of booster components, the system through the pressurized components to the internal pressure of the closed container. Booster components are more complex and critical components, consisting of solenoid valves and booster pumps.

The water pressure inside the container is continuously raised until the pressure setpoint is reached by injecting the pump into the closed container continuously. When the pressure reaches the set value, the booster pump stops working and the system enters the closed and constant pressure state and starts to time.

In the constant pressure process, the system can automatically compensate for the drop in pressure, so that the pressure can be constant in a more accurate range.

When the system constant pressure time is over, the pressure control instrument emits a relief signal, control the pressure relief of the pneumatic valve action, so that the water inside the closed container out, the pressure in the container decreases.

4. Protection system

Protection system including lifting action, heating, pressure and other protection.

(1) The product loading place has the safety door microswitch, only after the safety door is closed, the equipment can start to run.

(2) When the sealing pressure head down to the appropriate position, touch the stroke switch, using four cylinders at the same time the operation of the lock cylinder, and respectively touch the four stroke switch, only to switch on the booster system began to boost.

(3) The heating protection has been set up over-temperature, under-temperature alarm. 

(4) The pressure gauge itself with a pressure limiting function, adjustable limit pointer on the dial to determine the limit value range.

If the specified time cannot rise to the lower set value or at any time the pressure exceeds the set limit, alarm bell alarm. 

(5) such as in the pressure, the external power suddenly, the machine all the electronic control valve will be all set to the power-off state, so that the cylinder does not press the default program action, will bring damage to the mechanical parts of the danger. To this end, the machine has a power-off protection valve to ensure that the head in the sudden power failure does not arise. After the treatment to determine the safety, if you want to raise the sealing head, on the right side of the machine has a manual valve, rotating it, the sealing head can be raised.

When normal operation, the valve is placed in a closed state. 

(6) Pressure protection has been set up by the instrument monitoring the overpressure alarm. The pressure control system automatically releases pressure when it exceeds the alarm pressure value.

Pressure control system is also equipped with explosion-proof film, if the system pressure exceeds the explosion-proof pressure, explosion-proof sheet will break the system pressure drop.

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