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Please Pay Attention To These Points When Purchasing PCB Board Machine

- Dec 22, 2018 -

1. Fully automatic PCB board machine - visual inspection

First of all, look at the appearance of the plating is normal and normal, and then personally operate a few times.

Check the operation of the fully automatic PCB splitter equipment.

The spindle motor is quiet and soft, with no abnormal noise, moderate braking flexibility and reliable braking.

The model should check for accessibility features.

2. Fully automatic PCB board machine - check the inside

Check the splitter guard door, acceleration, shifting and power, and check the brakes,

Check the motor running smoothly, the movement is normal.

The double workbench desktop splitter also checks that everything is working properly.

3, the last step: PCB board machine - after-sales guarantee

After-sales efficiency, look at the strength of their company, how many PCB board machine equipment service engineers. There are also invoices, certificates, manuals, warranty cards and other related certificates.

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