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PCB Production Process

- Sep 11, 2018 -

First, contact the manufacturers

First need to contact manufacturers, and then register the customer number, you will be quoted, orders, and follow-up production progress.

Second, open the material Objective: According to the requirements of engineering data MI, in accordance with the requirements of the large sheet of plate, cut into small pieces of production board.

Small pieces of sheet that meet customer requirements.

Process: Large plate material → according to MI requirements cutting board → plate → beer fillet  grinding edge → out board

Third, drilling

Objective: According to the engineering data, on the sheet which meets the requirement size, the corresponding position is drilled to find the aperture.

Process: laminated pin → upper plate → drilling → lower plate → inspection  Repair

Four, sinking copper

Objective: Copper deposition is a thin layer of copper deposited on the insulating hole wall by chemical method.

Process: coarse grinding → hanging plate → sinking copper automatic line → lower plate → dip h2so4→ thickened copper

V. Graphics transfer

Objective: Graphic transfer is the production of the image on the Philippine Forest to the Board

Process: (Blue oil process): grinding plate → printing side → drying → printing the second side → drying → blown light → shadow → inspection; (dry film process): Plate → film → static → position → exposure → static → shadow → check

Vi.. Graphic Plating

Objective: The graphic plating is a copper layer with the required thickness and a gold nickel or tin layer with the thickness required to be plated on the bare copper skin of the line pattern or the wall of the hole.

Process: Upper plate → oil removal → wash two times → micro-etching → washing → pickling → copper plating → washing → acid → tin plating → washing → lower plate

Seven, film back

Objective: To remove the anti-electroplating coating layer with NaOH solution to make the non-line copper layer bare out.

Process: Water film: Insert frame → alkali leaching → rinse → scrub → over machine; dry film: release plate → over machine

Eight, etching

Objective: Etching is the use of chemical reaction method to the non-line parts of the copper layer corrosion.

Nine, green oil

Objective: Green oil is to transfer the green Oil film graphics to the board, to protect the line and prevent welding parts of the wire on the role of Tin

Process: Grinding plate → printing photosensitive green oil → plate → exposure → shadow; grinding plate → printing side → baking board → printing the second side → Baking board

Ten, character

Purpose: A character is a token that is provided for easy identification

Process: Green oil After the end of the → cooling static → adjust the screen → printing characters → after the

XI. Gold-plated fingers

Objective: To put a layer of nickel and gold layer on the finger of the plug to make it more hardness wear resistance

Process: Upper plate → oil removal → wash two times → micro Eclipse → wash two times → pickling → copper → washed → nickel plated → washed → gold plated

Tinned plate (a process of juxtaposition)

Objective: Spraying tin is a layer of PB-sn sprayed on the bare copper surface without covering the solder oil to protect the copper surface from oxidation, so as to ensure good welding performance.

Process: micro-etching → air drying → preheating → rosin coating → solder coating → hot air leveling → wind cooling → washing and drying

12. Molding

Objective: Through the mold stamping or the numerical Control gong machine gongs the shape which the customer needs to form the method organic gong, beer board, Hange, hand cut

Description: Data Gong Board and Beer Board accuracy is higher, Hange second, hand-cut plate can only do some simple shape.

13. Testing

Objective: To detect the defects of the function of the open circuit, short circuit and so on, which are not easily discovered by electronic 100% test.

Process: Upper mold → release plate → test → qualified →fqc inspection → unqualified → repair → return test →ok→rej→ scrap

14. Final inspection

Objective: To check the appearance defects of 100% mesh, and to repair the minor defects, to avoid problems and defects of the plate parts outflow.

Specific work flow: incoming → view data → visual inspection → qualified →fqa spot check → qualified → packaging → unqualified → processing → check OK

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