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Milling Machine Common Fault

- Nov 27, 2018 -

Milling machines are mostly made of steel or cast iron. In the long-term use process, due to the different degrees of friction between the two contact surfaces, the surface of the milling machine guide rails will have different degrees of wear, which seriously affects the processing precision and production efficiency of the equipment. Conventional repair methods usually use metal plate inlays or replacement methods, but a large number of precise manufacturing and manual scraping are required, and the repairs require many processes and long construction periods. For the problem of scratches and strains on the milling machine, it can be solved by using > polymer composite materials. Due to its excellent adhesion, compressive strength and oil and abrasion resistance, the material provides a long-lasting protective layer for the part. It takes only a few hours to repair the scratched parts of the machine and put them into operation. It is easier to operate than traditional methods and requires less cost.

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