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Maintenance Of Laminating Machine

- Sep 11, 2018 -

1. Normal use of glass cloth 

In the laminating machine sales, manufacturers always put two non-sticky cloth in the laminating machine. is to remind the use of manufacturers of non-stick cloth in the importance of production. The effect of the non-stick is to isolate the melted EVA glued to the upper chamber rubber plate and the laminate heating plate.

Once Eva is glued to the rubber plate and the heating plate, it will be hard to get rid of. The correct method of use is: at least 4 sheets of non-stick cloth on a laminating machine. Each use is finished, do not immediately re-use, but to be placed on one side, such as non-stick thoroughly cooled down, then the non-stick on the EVA completely clean, so that non-stick cloth has maintained the original color. If it is not possible to completely remove the EVA from the non-stick cloth, the EVA will stick to the battery module glass when it is used again. At this time Eva no matter what cleaning will leave Eva particles on the glass. When the panels are used outdoors, the EVA particles are re-melted and glued to the glass. and adsorption of dust on the glass. The dust cannot be removed.

Sometimes dust can block the cell, creating a long-term hot spot effect.

2. Correct use of the sealing material of the frame 

Use a sealant when adding a bezel to the battery board. Some units seal the Eva Bar in a concave groove in the frame. Use a hair dryer to melt eva. If using Eva to do the border seal, make sure to add the frame after the battery board into the curing furnace for curing. Otherwise in outdoor use, Eva will be in the sun under the repeated melting adsorption of large amounts of dust.

In addition, sealant must not use colored gum, otherwise this pigment will slowly spread to the EVA in the battery board, the use of a year after the battery board will change color.

3. Normal use of the vacuum pump 

In the daily maintenance of the laminating machine, the most important part of maintenance is the maintenance of the vacuum system. When the laminating machine is used for a period of time, the vacuum of the laminating machine will be reduced. And when reduced to a certain extent, the battery board will appear bubble. So every day to check whether the vacuum pump oil shortage. Check the oil level of the vacuum pump in the working condition to reach the window oil level line, should make up when insufficient, but do not overdose.

followed by the use of a period of time, the vacuum pump oil began to become cloudy or black, then the vacuum pump is required to change oil, at the same time to clean the vacuum pump to remove the suction of colloidal foreign bodies. After cleaning the vacuum is still not high, may be the following reasons: Eva in the laminating machine after high temperature, Eva added peroxide (cross-linked catalyst) and antioxidants, trace wax acid will rise with the temperature and escape back. Some peroxides participate in the cross-linked chemical reaction of Eva, forming a new substance and escaping into the air. The higher the working temperature of the laminating machine, the more complex the material in the Eva escapes into the air. These complex substances are sucked into the vacuum pump, adsorbed in the vacuum pump parts or dissolved in the vacuum pump oil, resulting in a decrease in the overall function of the vacuum pump. Another part in the vacuum pipeline, with the temperature reduced and formed colloidal particles, adsorption on the vacuum tube, over time, the vacuum line will become narrow or even blocked.

The only way to do this is to replace the connected vacuum hose.

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