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Main Features Of Screen Printing Machine

- Sep 11, 2018 -

Screen printing machine belongs to the more representative printing equipment in the hole version of the printing machine, its printing plate is a silk and other materials woven into a criss-cross, Jingwei clear wire mesh. Has produced a plane, surface, forming, printing and dyeing, printed circuit and new rotary screen printing machine. Among them, the new rotary screen printing machine speed and productivity is relatively high it is characterized by the screen is installed on the drum, ink poured in the drum.

When the machine is working, the drum rotates and the squeegee pattern is quickly printed onto the printed matter. The material of silk screen can be made of nylon wire, copper wire, wire or stainless steel wire. The principle of stencil printing applied in screen printing machine originated from the ancient template printing.

The hole edition printing has the transcription version, the hollow version spurts the flower and the screen printing and so on many forms. The screen printing was originally made by hand, and there was only one version, a screen plate and a template. By the 50 's screen printing to achieve mechanization, automation. Drum-type screen printing presses the amount of ink, suitable for printing ink thick print, can be in a variety of paper, glass, wood, metal, ceramics, plastic or cloth on the printing, a variety of inks, including conductive metal ink can be used.

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