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How To Develop The Printing Equipment Industry?

- Jan 04, 2019 -

1. Grasp the opportunity to explore new models

The vast majority of enterprises in the printing equipment industry have grown up along with the development of reform and opening up. After 40 years of gold development, the traditional printing industry has entered a relatively surplus capacity, industrial transformation, technological upgrading, and economic growth. The key period of major changes, slowdowns and other factors affecting multiple factors. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, the printing equipment industry should actively sum up experience, explore new development models, and promote the development of the industry.

2. Strengthen innovation and research and development

Innovative ability determines the level of technology, and only continuous innovation is the source of development. In accordance with the spirit of the 19th National Congress, in the printing field, only by insisting on technological innovation and development can we create a status as a printing power. To this end, in 2018, the printing equipment industry should actively promote the R&D and application of new products and technologies, strengthen the cooperation between enterprises and institutions, and promote the construction of cooperation systems for production, learning, research and use, and form an interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary Industry, expanding innovation system.

3. Strengthen green environmental protection

China has entered a high-quality development stage from the high-speed development stage. Standing in a new historical position, China's printing industry has also reached the key point of transforming development mode, optimizing economic structure, and transforming development momentum. We must uphold the perseverance and perseverance. Spirit, continuously improve product quality, strengthen the green and environmental protection of products and their production processes, promote industrial upgrading and transformation, unswervingly implement the development concept of innovation, green, openness and sharing, and promote the development of the printing equipment industry.

4. Actively participate in the “Belt and Road”

In order to implement the “One Belt, One Road” strategic concept, the printing industry should strengthen cooperation and exchanges with the international community in the field of printing equipment, accelerate the realization of products to provide services in the international market, actively promote printing companies to enhance their independent innovation capabilities, and accelerate the transformation of international development modes. Support and services.

5. Strengthen digital, intelligent and networked construction

In the long period of time in the future, the integration of informatization and industrialization will bring huge market space, which is also an important position for the big country's industrial game. The printing equipment industry should firmly grasp the main direction of intelligent manufacturing, vigorously implement intelligent manufacturing engineering, concentrate on tackling key technical equipment, and cultivate intelligent manufacturing ecosystem. We will comprehensively promote the industrialization and information integration management system, enhance the basic capabilities of information technology services such as industrial software, and support enterprises to accelerate digitalization, networking, and intelligent transformation.

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