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How To Debug The Newly Purchased Drilling Machine

- Nov 20, 2018 -

1. When the customer buys an automatic drilling machine, first check whether the appearance of the automatic drilling machine is perfect and the screws are loose.

2. Connect your company's three-phase five-wire system to the automatic drilling machine.

3. After connecting, turn on the power switch, then turn on the motor switch to test whether the motor is reversed. If it is forward rotation, the oil pump can be turned on and the spindle can be manually tested up and down.

4. After the customer has made the fixture, put the product on the fixture and close the hole. Start the manual test. When there is 2-4mm away from the product, the oil pressure regulating valve feed speed should be slowed down by 2-3mm/s. (Note: The weaker the material is, the faster the product rotates, and the stronger the product, the slower the product.)

5. After adjusting, finally use the foot switch to control the upper and lower, so that it is convenient to operate the automatic drilling machine.

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