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How The Screen Printer Works

- Sep 11, 2018 -

① flat screen printing machine work cycle program to flat screen version of the platform monochrome semi-automatic hand side screen printing machine, for example, it's a work cycle is: Parts → positioning → release → to the ink plate, up to the ink plate → scraping stroke → to the ink plate → back to the ink plate → lift version → return to ink travel → Remove the location → collection.

In continuous cycle operation, as long as the function can be achieved, each action takes as short as possible to shorten the period of each work cycle, improve efficiency. 

② imprinting line. In the printing stroke, to the ink plate extrusion ink and screen printing plate, so that the screen printing plate and substrate form a contact line, called the imprint line. The line at the edge of the scraping plate, countless lines of embossing to form the printing surface.

It is difficult to achieve an ideal embossing line because the printing stroke is a dynamic process. 

③ screen Printing machine working principle. To the commonly used screen printing machine, for example, the working principle of screen printer can be described as follows: transmission through the drive mechanism, so that the scraping plate in the movement of extrusion ink and screen printing plate, so that the screen printing plate and substrate form a embossing line, because the screen has tension N1 and N2, the scraping ink plate production Force F2,

Resilience to screen printing plate in addition to the printing line is not in contact with the substrate, ink in the scraping plate extrusion force F1 action, through the mesh, from the movement of the imprint printing line to the substrate. In the printing process, screen printing plate and scraping board relative movement, squeeze pressure F1 and resilience F2 also with the synchronous movement, the screen in the rebound effect, timely return to the substrate with the contact, lest blot rub dirty.

That is, the screen in the printing stroke, constantly in the deformation and rebound. Scraping plate in the completion of one-way printing and screen printing plate together off the substrate, while the return to ink, that is to complete a printing cycle. Back to the substrate and screen printing plate on the opposite side of the distance is called the same version or net distance, generally should be 2~5mm. Manual printing, the operator's skill and proficiency directly affect the formation of the imprinting line. In practice, silk printing workers accumulated a lot of valuable experience, specifically can be summed up as six points, that is, to ensure that the scraping plate movement of linear, uniform, conformal, pressure, center and vertical edge. In other words, the printing of scraping plate should be straight forward, can not sway, not before slow, fast, fast, slow or slow and fast; the tilt angle of the ink plate should be kept constant, especially to overcome the common problems of increasing the inclined angle; printing pressure should be kept uniform; To the ink plate and the border remains vertical

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