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Fully Automatic Screen Printing Machine Features

- Dec 10, 2018 -

   1. Wide print substrate: Since the automatic screen printing machine printing plate is made of wire mesh, it is soft and flexible, so the substrate can be printed whether it is flat or curved, hard or soft, large or small. In addition, silk screen printing can also be printed on fragile and deformable substrates due to low pressure.

    2, the ink layer is thick and strong hiding power: the screen printing ink layer is thick, which is unmatched by other printing methods. If the underlying color is covered with white, the ordinary printing method needs to be printed 3 to 4 times in the same part, and the silk screen can be completed once. The thickness of the silk screen ink layer is generally 20 micrometers, the special thick film printing is up to 100 micrometers, and the thinnest is also 6 micrometers. Therefore, the silk screen ink layer is thick and has a wide adjustable range.

    3, strong three-dimensional sense: due to the thick layer of ink, so the imitation of the print and copy the oil painting effect is very realistic, its color greatly exceeds offset printing. However, in the printing of fine patterns, the copying effect is limited.

    4. Good light resistance: After the light-resistant pigment and fluorescent pigment are transferred into the ink, the print pattern can maintain the gloss for a long time without being affected by temperature and sunlight, and even glow at night. Therefore, silk screen products are suitable for outdoor advertising, signage, and the like.

    5. Applicable inks are quite extensive: water-based, oil-based, solvent-based, etc., and even paste, paste, and powder. Therefore, screen printing inks are collectively referred to as printing materials.

    6, the format is large: in terms of printing area, general offset printing, embossing and other methods are far less than silk screen due to the limitations of mechanical equipment. The maximum size of silk screen can reach 3M*4M or even larger.

    7. The printing plate has greater flexibility: the characteristics of the wire mesh material determine that the printing plate will have greater flexibility. When used for high-volume printing, stretchable plates can affect the effect of reproduction.

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