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Drilling Machines Have Developed Rapidly In Recent Years

- Dec 20, 2018 -

With the development and application of new technologies, drilling machines have developed rapidly in recent years. Highlighted in the following two aspects:

1. One machine

A breakthrough in structural design, as long as the drilling tool is replaced, the machine can have the functions of a spiral, a rotary bucket, a continuous wall, a long spiral and a grab grab drill.

2. Application of electronic and electro-hydraulic proportional technology

The application of electronic and electro-hydraulic proportional technology expands the functions of the machine, improves work efficiency and reduces labor intensity.

(1) Return positioning function

When the drilling machine is drilling, there is a process of drilling - lifting - turning - throwing the soil - then turning to the original orifice - alignment - drilling again. It takes a lot of time and effort in alignment, and the manual precision is low.

(2) 3 modes

Mainly used to facilitate the operator's work and to achieve monitoring of the machine work. The three modes are: basic mode, drill pipe mode and CFA mode. These three modes can be selected by the operator as needed on the machine.

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