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Daily Maintenance Knowledge Of Silk Screen Equipment

- Dec 11, 2018 -

1. Strengthen the maintenance of important parts of the machine. Gears, cams, sprockets, rollers and bearings are the most important press parts on a press, and their maintenance is different from other parts because their accuracy will affect the final print quality. The spring is the most used component of the force balance mechanism on the machine. The working quality of the spring directly determines the precision of the interaction of the moving parts. The spring must be sensitive and elastic, and the hysteretic and unrecoverable plastic deformation is the work of the spring. Extremely unfavorable. If you find the above problem, you need to replace the spring immediately.

2. The impact during the operation of the machine. The smaller the impact during the operation of the machine, the better the printing, and the longer the life of the machine. Reducing the printing pressure is an important condition to ensure the smooth operation of the machine. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of the printed product, the printing pressure is as small as possible. Reducing the speed of the machine is another important condition for reducing the moment of inertia of the machine. The lower the speed of the machine, the smaller the moment of inertia, so the machine cannot always run at high speed.

3. Machine preparation status detection. The state of preparation of the machine can be detected by jogging or turning. If other items such as tools are stuck in the machine; whether the plate is installed properly, if it is not suitable, it may cause damage to the plate or cause difficulty in finding the rules; whether the blanket is installed properly, if not, it is possible Causes printing failure, which can damage the blanket or machine in severe cases.

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