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Common Trouble Of Screen Printing Machine And Its Solution

- Sep 11, 2018 -

Screen printing machine in the printing process will always exist a variety of fault problems, such as manual, semi-automatic all do not move, power light, printing seat left after the movement and so on.

One: The semi-automatic when not stepping on the foot switch and immediate action This type of failure is mostly caused by the foot switch damage or the foot switch socket water caused by a short circuit, the other is a manual start button switch problems.

The remedy is to replace the new switch, receptacle, pushbutton switch or disassemble the repair-related damage.

Second, the semi-automatic work when stepping foot switch sliding seat down, release and rise again.

This phenomenon is generally the left side of the sliding seat close to the switch is damaged or broken connection, the solution is to replace the proximity switch or switch connected.

Third, the semi-automatic work when stepping foot switch vertical sliding seat down, printing block left after the move is not action.

The reason for this failure is that the slide-to-left proximity switch is not sensed or has a problem. The solution is to adjust the left proximity switch sensing point or the replacement of the close switch, as well as the foot switch inside the micro-switch is not moving, can also cause this fault.

The solution is to adjust, repair, or replace a new microswitch with the Microswitch in the foot switch.

Four, the semi-automatic work on the foot switch, the sliding seat down the left after the move up but not right.

The occurrence of this phenomenon is that the vertical sliding seat on the upper left of the proximity switch is not sensed or close to the switch has a problem, the solution is to adjust the upper proximity switch induction or better proximity switch.

Five, the movement after the action of the rise slow half beat.

This kind of fault is to control the solenoid valve has foreign body obstruction or solenoid valve fault, the solution is to remove the magnetic valve cleaning or replacement of a good solenoid valve.

Six, manual, semi-automatic all do not move, power light. This type of failure causes a low-voltage side fuse burning, no gas source entry, solenoid valve all have a fault.

The solution is to replace the low-voltage side fuse, check whether the pressure reached 4-7kg/cm, solenoid valve All the fault is very small, most of the connection is broken.

Seven, automatic, semi-self-starting does not decline. This type of failure occurs when the right proximity switch of the sliding seat is faulty or not sensed, the switch fault is selected, and the single-action switch is damaged.

The solution is to adjust the proximity switch sensing or replace the right proximity switch, replace or repair the selector switch and the single action switch.

Eight, automatic cannot start.

This kind of fault is the micro-branch switch of the upper and lower cylinders normally closed, the contact cannot be conduction or the timer is damaged, the solution is to repair the micro switch, or replace the good timer.

Nine, the working surface does not inhale. The reason for this type of malfunction is that the suction motor burns.

Control motor Operation contactor damage, suction motor rotation, but control suction solenoid valve failure, suction selector switch failure, fix or replace.

Ten, the vertical sliding seat rise slowly.

This type of failure is due to the vertical slide seat bearing oil-free or cylinder piston wear, magnetic impact axis bending, the solution is to supply oil, replace the piston password, adjust the axis

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