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Booth 4B13 On HKPCA Exhibition

- Nov 26, 2018 -

Our company, Yaode Technology Co.,Ltd will show our pcb machines in HKPCA exhibition in shenzhen city , the new machiine is FULLY AUTOMATIC CCD POSITIONING SCREEN PRINTER, welcome you to visit us, our booth number is 4B13.  

We also specialized in other machines, such as  roller cutting machine, edge grinding machine, deburring machine, round-corner machine, drilling machine, pin machine, clearing machine, discharging machine, Screen-print machine, film lamination machine, exposure machine, hole-punching machine, CCD Drilling machine, CNC V-cut machine, routing machine, coating machine, etc. 

Waiting for your come! The contact mob: 0086 -18620068987. Pony 

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