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Basic Features Of Turn-over Transfer

- Sep 11, 2018 -

1, the equipment uses the remote control operation, has the turnover different large-scale workpiece not to slip, does not spin and so on characteristics.

2, with the workpiece rotation function, can be flipped to any angle, the operation is simple, the use of flexible and reliable features.

3, the equipment uses the remote control, the operator can move away from the turnover workpiece operation characteristic, and has the light up light falls flips freely the characteristic.

4, the device has a lightweight mobile flexible features, no need to move large workpieces, you can move the equipment to the suspended flip workpiece site can be flipped.

5, the equipment uses the suspension chain to fix the hanging turnover workpiece.

6, for special workpiece can replace the auxiliary groove wheel and lifting belt, can make the turnover of the workpiece without lifting traces.

7, the use of the device can improve the turnover efficiency, to the user greatly reduce costs.

8, the suspension of the flip machine need to be used for driving, in addition to the field of crane can also be used to flip, as long as the equipment can be lifted to flip freely, convenient and fast. 9, the device is not affected by the workpiece length, width, size and shape of the restrictions can be reversed.

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