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Automatic Screen Printing Machine 9 Features

- Dec 08, 2018 -

 1. Multi-color printing automatic electric eye alignment, computer control, automatic detection of color code, if there is abnormal automatic stop.

  2, using CNC motor, printing, ink return speed can be set at random.

  3, using CNC motor, printing, ink return distance can be set freely.

  4, automatically calculate the number of printing, and can set the number of printing automatically stop.

  5, photoelectric control feeding, receiving materials to avoid scratches on the surface of the substrate, can improve the printing quality.

  6, using the Japanese brand precision regulator, high precision of the electric eye.

  7. This machine is equipped with a dust removal roller to remove dust from the material.

  8. This machine is equipped with off-grid function to prevent sticking net when printing large area background color and printing glue.

  9. This machine adopts three-stage suction device, which can perform strong wind, weak wind and close adjustment according to the requirements of printing materials.

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