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Application Of Deburring Machine

- Sep 11, 2018 -

The deburring machine is mainly used for printing circuit board to remove drilling burr, surface oxidation layer and purification plate surface of special equipment.

30KG/CM2 high-pressure cleaning pump, can completely remove the drilling burr and surface of the dirt, is to ensure the quality of the PCB board hole is the key equipment. Deburring machine is widely used in small and medium-sized precision parts deburring, to fly Edge, chamfering, descaling, de-oxidation, electroplating pretreatment, and removal of processing knife pattern, the deburring machine in the deburring at the same time has a polished brightening, cleaning new energy. Particularly suitable for some complex shapes, micro-precision parts, shaped easily deformed thin arms, thin, narrow seams and other parts deburring problems. Deburring machine The biggest advantage is that the deburring at the same time, do not change the workpiece size accuracy, the appearance and feel significantly improved, and has a polished brightening and other functions.

The surface of the workpiece can reach the mirror light after finishing polishing.

Deburring machine has been widely promoted in the production of small and medium-sized parts processing, completely replace the backward traditional deburring process, deburring efficiency, the benefits significantly improved. Deburring machine has been widely used in machinery manufacturing deburring, electronic parts deburring, instrument and equipment deburring, light industry, watch parts deburring, military and aerospace, textile equipment, deburring, automotive parts deburring, bearing industry, medical equipment, precision parts deburring, powder metallurgy, metal stamping deburring, handicrafts, Tools, and many other industry sectors.

For small and medium-sized precision workpiece deburring, to fly Edge, Chamfer, descaling, de-oxidation, removal of processing marks, polishing, fine polishing, mirror polishing and other performance significantly improved, can completely replace or exceed the expensive import deburring polishing equipment, many domestic production enterprises directly benefit.

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