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What is a deburring machine

- Sep 11, 2018 -

After the fan piece is punched, each punch must undergo a rigorous deburring process to minimize the amount of burr in the press. Abroad is generally continuous deburring two times, in the automatic production line is two pieces of deburring machine in line. Deburring Machine Useful roller wheel type, also useful abrasive belt deburring machine. The main characteristics of the latter are: fast rotation speed, up to 10~35m/min, sand belt replacement is quick and easy, can adapt to a variety of shapes and thickness of the tablet. The abrasive belt deburring quality is better than the roller type grinding wheel. The belt is deposited on a high-speed, rotating, spiral-grooved rubber belt, which prevents the belt from being contaminated.

The pressure of the belt is controlled by compressed air, which keeps constant pressure and automatically stops when the abrasive belt is damaged or other faults occur.

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