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What are PVB equipment?

- Sep 11, 2018 -

1. PCB Pre-production equipment

-PCB Electronic film developer, fixer-automatic punching machine

-Machine nozzles for developing, electroplating, etching, film removal, etc.

2. PCB Mechanical Processing equipment

-Vacuum Laminating Machine Vacuum Press-PCB substrate grinding Machine-PCB molding machine-PCB inner layer fusion machine-Automatic Alignment Fusion Machine-PCB Press-fit Machine

3. electroplating/Wet Process equipment

-Development etching film-chemical nickel gold production line-PCB flow line

4. Screen printing/dry process equipment

-Provide a variety of UV curing machine-precision hot air oven, oven-man-machine interface UV Curing machine-CM-650 type plate cleaning machine

-fzj-60j/fzj-80j/fzj-90j Vertical plane Screen printing machine

5.PCB test/Quality control equipment

-cmi900x fluorescent coating thickness gauge-cmi563 surface Copper thickness Tester

-holink Precision Type (ventilation type) high temperature testing machine-holink large constant temperature and humidity test room

-walchem Chemical Immersion NI automatic adding controller

-compact ECO-PCB type X-ray fluorescence coating thickness gauge-Test fixture test Stand

-swet-2100e solderability Tester-Gold point electronic high voltage special test machine

6. PCB/SMT Welding Installation Equipment

Lead-free full stainless steel semi-automatic tin slag reduction machine-automatic spray used wave soldering-wave soldering to lead-free business

7. Other electronic equipment 

-PCB Ink Mixing equipment-bidirectional rotary ink mixer-circuit board drilling wood pad and aluminum-PCB ink mixer-tin slag reduction machine

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