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Process and principle of laminating machine

- Sep 11, 2018 -

The well-prepared porcelain medium slurry is injected into the steel belt of the casting machine according to the process requirement, and then becomes the capacitor dielectric material (porcelain-medium film) after drying off the film by the flow-casting. Then, using the precision laminated screen printing technology, the inner electrodes are repeatedly printed on the porcelain dielectric film, and each layer is platens pressurized and then printed to form

In order to make the structure of the bar is dense, the bar is packed in a plastic film bag, after vacuum sealing, placed in the container of hot water, the container sealed pressurized to more than 30Mpa, the element in the water evenly under pressure itself loose structure becomes uniform and dense, to ensure that the component electrical Performance Index consistency, effectively improve product quality. It works the same regardless of the type of work the laminating machine is applied to. That is to exert some pressure on the surface of the multilayer material, and tightly crush these substances together.

The difference is that, depending on the purpose of lamination, the conditions of the press fit vary.

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