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Deburring Machine Product Type

- Sep 11, 2018 -

1. Mechanical method

With the aid of an industrial manipulator, a rotating wire brush or a grinding wheel is used to grind the Burr to remove burrs by using the manipulator's joint arm movement. The robot can select a wire brush or a grinding wheel from the shelves of the tool library, adapting to the need to remove burrs on different parts of the part. However, this method is often not suitable for use in many cases because of the lack of rigidity and precision of the arm joints of the manipulator.

And due to the different structure of parts, some parts can not use this method to deburring, have to be equipped with other deburring equipment.

2. Vibration method 

This is designed for deburring of smaller rotary parts or diamond parts. The parts are placed in a large container filled with granular ceramic media, and the size of the media varies according to the type, size, and material of the burr part. The fast reciprocating vibration of the container allows the parts to move and rub relative to the ceramic medium to remove burrs and to polish the surface of the part.

The strength of the vibrations can be adjusted to accommodate parts of different sizes.

3. Thermal method 

The process of deburring by thermal method is the process of oxidation into powder at high temperature. Thermal deburring machine, the parts with burrs sealed in a high-pressure gas and oxygen mixture of the container, parts of the burr, whether in the external, internal, or blind hole position, are surrounded by this mixture of gas, when the spark plug will be mixed gas ignited, it will produce a instantaneous heat wave,

Because the surface area of the burr is quite high than that of the gas, the Burr burns, and in the cycle time of 15-30 seconds, the Burr is constantly oxidized and transformed into powder, and then the workpiece is washed clean with solvents. This method is the only way to evenly remove burrs, which removes unwanted material from the surface of all parts, even removes burrs from hard-to-reach internal grooves and intersecting holes, and does not have to be inspected afterwards.

Therefore, the deburring process is widely used in ferrous and nonferrous metal parts.

4. Electrochemical method 

Electrochemical (also known as electrolysis) Deburring machine is the electro-chemical reaction, the metal material from the part into the electrolyte, thereby removing the burr on the part.

The tool electrodes are connected to the cathode of the DC power supply, the parts of the burr are connected to the positive of the power supply, the electrolyte is passed through a certain pressure and flow rate, and then the DC power supply is switched on, so that the metal of the anode is gradually electrochemical dissolved to achieve the purpose of removing burrs (or molding). The electrolysis method can effectively remove burrs of any size and is of high quality.

In the process, because the tool electrode (cathode) is not worn, the position can be fixed, so the operation is very simple, high productivity, suitable for automated processing, no thermal stress and mechanical stress in the process, will not cause deformation of the workpiece, the applicable material range and hardness range is very large.

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