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Classification of screen presses

- Sep 11, 2018 -

① flat screen printing machine.

The use of flat screen printing on the plane substrate, the general scraping ink plate pressure printing plate horizontal movement, through the printing plate ups and downs to replace the substrate. 

② Curved screen printing machine.

The use of flat screen printing on the surface of the substrate printed, generally scraping plate fixed, printing plate horizontal movement, substrate with the printing plate and other line speed rotation. 

③ rotary screen printing machine.

The use of the cylinder screen version, the tube inside the wedge-like scraping ink plate or scraping roller, plate rotation and substrate movement of the same line speed. 

④ Electrostatic screen printing machine. 

The use of a good conductive stainless steel screen version, from the positive and negative electrode plate between the electrostatic drive powder through the plate through the hole part attached to the surface of the printer, is a non-pressure printing. The shape of the machine varies depending on the substrate, but generally includes the substrate input part, the printing part, the ink solid drying part and the substrate collection part.

wherein the printing part by the screen printing plate, electrode plate, high-pressure device composition. 

⑤ Electrostatic Screen Printing

Electrostatic screen printing is the use of electrostatic gravity to make ink from screen printing to the printer surface method, which is a non-contact printing method, is a conductive metal screen printing plate, and high-voltage power supply cathode phase; the anode is a metal plate parallel to the printing plate; the substrate is between two levels. printing, the printing plate on the toner through the mesh with a positive charge, and by the attraction of negative charges, scattered to the substrate, and then by heating and other methods of fixing to form a blot.

This method is mainly used in high-temperature substrates, such as the printing of baked steel plate and so on.

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